What can dentists do to protect themselves and patients?

Why dentistry is a risk branch?The COVID-19 virus was recently identified in saliva of infected patients. Saliva can have a pivotal role in the human-to-human transmission. Dentists and other healthcare professionals that perform aerosol-generating procedures may be unknowingly providing direct care for infected but not yet diagnosed COVID-19 patients, or those considered to be suspectedContinue reading “What can dentists do to protect themselves and patients?”

The difference bettween RD50 and RD80 Ruiwan dental aerosol suction unit

Ruiwan developed an dental oral aerosol suction equipment necessary for dental clinics – off mouth aerosol suction extractor RD50 and RD80 effectively concentrated oral diagnosis and treatment process with bacteria aerosols, through the original high-efficiency filter layer can effectively absorb water vapor, equipping HEPA effective filter 99.99% droplets, aerosols, so that the air continues toContinue reading “The difference bettween RD50 and RD80 Ruiwan dental aerosol suction unit”

2020 NEW RUIWAN RD50 External Oral Aerosol Suction System Advantages

Off mouth External aerosol suction unit RD50Oral therapy is prone to aerosol propagation because of its treatment space and the particularity of the equipment. First, dental treatment with high-speed turbo cell phone, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic bone knife, three-use gun and other water mist mixed with the patient’s blood and saliva, easy to creat aerosols,Continue reading “2020 NEW RUIWAN RD50 External Oral Aerosol Suction System Advantages”

Two types of dental specialties rely heavily on the skills

Dental technicians manufacture dental prosthetics including bridges, crowns, and dentures. They construct these devices based on impressions dentists and dental hygienists take of patients’ teeth. Dental technicians also follow dentists’ written and oral instructions. They have no direct contact with patients themselves. Areas of specialization include orthodontic appliances, crowns, and bridges, complete dentures, partial dentures,Continue reading “Two types of dental specialties rely heavily on the skills”

​The CNC Applications of Laser Cutting Machine

The CNC Applications of Laser Cutting Machine Laser is the use of light, heating and discharge and other means to stimulate the specific material, and in the role of the resonant cavity, so that the material inside the occurrence of stimulated emission of radiation caused by a special light.  These advantages of laser cutting machineContinue reading “​The CNC Applications of Laser Cutting Machine”

FAQ of stepper motor – what size stepper motors do I need

If I use a Porter Cable 3-3/4 router motor what size stepper motors do I need?You can use the standard electronics combo: https://www.oyostepper.com/category-52-b0-CNC-Stepper-Motor-Kit.html . The size of the stepping motors are generally sized with the overall machine structural weight, inertia of parts, the type of mechanical parts used to move the axes, and actually, lessContinue reading “FAQ of stepper motor – what size stepper motors do I need”

How to Choose Dental Endo Obturation System

Endodontics remains an industry leader in cutting edge endo obturation techniques and materials. Our endodontic obturation systems are unmatched in quality and ease of use. We offer a complete line of advanced filling materials, sealers and equipment for all obturation techniques. Our cordless product options provide the freedom of movement to perform endodontic procedures anywhereContinue reading “How to Choose Dental Endo Obturation System”

The guide to choose dental xray sensor online

The decision to implement digital sensors in the dental office is significant. Electronic health records can simplify treatment planning, documentation, and communication, among many other facets of patient care. The decision to go “paperless” often transitions the dental team to implementing an imaging system that facilitates electronic image capture and archiving, which provides many benefitsContinue reading “The guide to choose dental xray sensor online”

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